• Scott White
    Scott White President - Exec. Committee / Membership Development
  • Nathan Bauer
    Nathan Bauer President Elect - Chamber Luncheons / Iris Festival Council
  • Bob Zielinski
    Bob Zielinski Past President - Exec. Committee / Membership Development
  • Rob Miller
    Rob Miller Treasurer - Exec. Committee/ Past President's Club / Economic Development & Government Affairs
  • Alicia Self
    Alicia Self Secretary - Exec. Committee / Social Media / Leadership Keizer / Iris Festival
  • Shelly Egli
    Shelly Egli Director
  • Shawn Lapof
    Shawn Lapof Director - Iris Festival Parade
  • Larry Jackson
    Larry Jackson Director -MAK, GAC
  • Kyle Juran
    Kyle Juran Director - Economic Development & Government Affairs / Workforce Development
  • Bob Shackelford
    Bob Shackelford Director, Iris - Men of Action Chair, Iris Festival
  • Carlos Soto
    Carlos Soto KC Runs Manager, Keizer Economic Development Commission, Iris Festival
  • John Sullivan
    John Sullivan Director - Government Affairs Committee
  • Dave Walery
    Dave Walery Director - Christmas in Keizer / Iris Festival
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