The following lists of individuals and organizations are comprised by those who have made significant, impactful, and lasting changes to the community of Keizer. Not only do we recognize them for the contributions to the commerce but also to the spirit of the city and its citizens. Legacies of these include the Big Toy Project, donations to McNary High School and other areas of the education system, and other accomplishments and service projects. We are proud to call these people friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors.

Joe Egli
Joe Egli2017 First Citizen
Joe Egli, a long time Keizer resident and community volunteer has joined the short list of honored Keizerites to earn the title of Keizer’s First Citizen.

Joe has served the Keizer community for more than 25 years as a City Councilor, Chamber of Commerce Board member, Chamber President, and Chair of the Keizer Iris Festival. For the last several years Joe has sat on the Board of Directors for the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation, and the McNary Athletic Booster Club.
Joe is a long time active member of the Keizer Rotary club, served as Keizer Rotary President in 2001-02 and served several times on the Keizer Rotary Board of Directors. He can be found most evenings putting in some hard work with his team mates at Mahoney Cross Fit.

Joe lives in Keizer with his wife, Shelly, and is the father to some pretty amazing young adults.

Larry Jackson
Larry Jackson2017 Merchant of the Year
Larry Jackson, Co-Owner of Jackson’s Body Shop is the recipient of the 2017 Keizer Chamber of Commerce, Merchant of the Year Award.

Larry, born and raised in Keizer, Oregon co-operated Jackson’s for 11 years, but worked there many more.

Larry is an active resident of the Keizer community, serving on the Keizer Chamber Board of Directors, and the Government Affairs Committee for the chamber, he is an avid volunteer always ready to step up and help when needed.

Larry has worked for many years to assist in moving forward the needs of small business owners in various capacities.

Jason Flores
Jason Flores2017 Service to Education
Jason Flores, a great example of a father, volunteer and business owner giving in more ways than one.

Jason has been a long time Keizer community member who has dedicated countless hours to the needs of youth. He has coached in the Keizer community for more than 15 years (Softball, Girls & Boys Basketball, Baseball and youth Football) and while giving of his leadership abilities he still finds time to continue to give in other ways.

Jason has been involved in various projects which advance opportunities for Keizer’s youth. He has invested countless hours in community projects such as: Keizer Little League’s fields, McNary High School’s new synthetic turf field, refurbished the football/soccer scoreboard, and took on and lead the complete Softball Dugout project.

Jason also believes in opportunity for all kids; he and his wife, Keri, sponsor several students in a sport of their choice every year through the McNary Athletic Booster Club’s Adopt – An -Athlete program.

Matt Lawyer
Matt Lawyer2017 President's Award
Matt Lawyer, has been a long time volunteer of the Keizer community.

Matt engages when a need is present. You can find him often lending a hand at the local community dinner service, ushering parade floats off River Road to their disbandment area or presenting in front of the Keizer City Council on a topic relating to city parks.

Matt worked tirelessly in 2017 to expand opportunities for Keizer city parks; through his efforts on the city parks council he is making Keizer a better place to live, work and play.

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First Citizens

1964 Robert O. Smith
1965 Roger Hawley
1966 Onas Olson
1967 Rusty Teets
1968 Harry Pease
1969 Sam Orcutt
1970 Bob Stutzman
1971 Ray Boucher
1972 Pat Valentino
1973 Duane Sanford
1974 Al Watts
1975 Ernie Fish
1976 Steve Halbeisen
1977 Alice Jones
1978 Ralph Bauer
1979 Earl McBratney
1980 Leona Stutzman
1981 Vern Casterline
1982 Kathleen Hanneman
1983 Dick Bauer
1984 John Ettinger
1985 Phil Bay
1986 Vic Backlund
1987 Biff Hogue
1988 Bob Simon
1989 Terry Williams
1990 JoAnne Beilke
1991 Bob French
1992 Michel Gaynor
1993 Holly Erickson
1994 John Jenkins
1995 Dave Bauer
1996 Bob Newton
1997 Tom Bauer
1998 Jerry McGee
1998 Shirley McGee
1999 Les Zaitz
2000 Jim Keller
2001 Ted Anagnos
2002 Mary Opra
2003 Wayne Thackery
2004 Dave Walery
2005 Randy Miller
2006 Charlene Weathers
2007 Greg Frank
2008 Clint Holland
2009 Roland Herrera
2010 Jeramy Williams
2011 Bob & Pam Zielinski
2012 Hank Tarter
2013 John Doneth
2014 Lore Christopher
2015 Mark Caillier
2016 Jim Trett
2017 Joe Egli

Merchant of the Year

1959 Ray Boucher
1962 Jan Boardrow
1964 Duane Sanford
1964 Clarence Zaitz
1965 Ralph Bauer
1966 Eino Setala
1967 Bill Pemberton
1968 Al Watts
1969 Linda Nelson
1970 John Turnbull
1971 Ralph Bauer
1972 Earl McBratney
1973 Max Martin
1974 Dave Hemphill
1975 Steve Halbeisen
1976 Eloise Whitmore
1977 Lois Newton
1978 John Stewart
1979 Marge Bowder
1980 Jane Anderson
1980 Dick Bauer
1981 Dave McBratney
1981 Lloyd Weigel
1982 JoAnne Beilke
1983 Velma Tepper
1984 Tom Bauer
1985 John Lien
1986 Howard Wood
1987 Sharon Ray Cook
1988 Pat Walters
1989 Marlene Wellin
1990 Christine Dieker
1991 Ted Anagnos
1992 Tom Dieker
1993 Craig Koller
1994 Les Zaitz
1994 Scotta Callister
1995 Jim Keller
1996 Wayne Thackery
1997 Sam Goesch
1998 Mary Hupy
1999 Jim Nardi
2000 John Preston
2001 Judy Randolph
2002 David Banks
2003 Markey Humberstad
2004 Vickie Jackson
2005 Renee Braun
2006 Randy Moseley
2007 Susy Riches
2008 Rich Duncan
2009 AJ Nash
2010 Rick Day
2011 Audrey Butler
2012 Gillian Herndon McNary Golf Club
2013 Rob Miller
2014 Joe Egli
2015 Scott White
2016 Bob Shackelford
2017 Larry Jackson

Service to Education

1983 Mickey McClure
1984 Sandi Smick
1984 Frank Pauley
1985 Dave Guile
1985 Cliff Girod
1986 Anita Scriptor
1987 Marion Newton
1988 Sheriann Fisher
1989 John Bohlander
1990 Ken Collins
1991 Gene Hittner
1992 Jeanne Bridges
1993 Denny Pieters
1994 Eleanor Hall
1995 Dixie Moravec
1995 Scott Torgeson
1996 Terry Shrout
1997 Donald Watson
1998 Doug Hartman
1999 Sally Phillips
2000 Deana Dean
2001 Barbara Fontana
2002 Judy Peterson
2003 Donna Wyatt
2004 Jeramy Williams
2005 Carolyn Ream
2006 Jim Trett
2007 Steve Sanchez
2008 Debbie Koller
2009 Don & Ann Lebold
2010 Linda Baker
2011 Kim Phillips
2012 Margo & Dawn
2013 Ron Hittner
2014 Chuck & Krina Lee
2015 John Honey
2016 Larry Smith
2017 Jason Flores

President’s Award

1980 Jerry Bowerly
1995 Wayne Thackery
1996 Dave Walery
1997 John Morgan
1998 Dennis Koho
1999 Wally Mull
2000 Bob Peterson
2001 Markey Humberstad
2002 Roberta Schmechel
2004 Bob & Pam Zielinski
2005 Ron Freeman
2006 Jacque Moir
2007 Dayspring Fellowship
2007 Audrey Butler & KNOW, Keizer’s Network of Women
2008 Steve Clark
2009 Chet Patterson
2010 Sherrie Gottfried
2011 Al & Anne Rasmuss
2012 Richard Walsh
2013 Jim Taylor
2013 Mark Caillier
2014 Dan Clem
2015 Danielle Bethell
2016 Dave Walery
2017 Matt Lawyer