Jeremy Turner of J Turner Solutions addressed the topic of social media at last month’s Chamber luncheon. He brought up a number of important points ranging from the significance of knowing your target market to understanding how Facebook post boosts work.

Throughout the lunch, most attendees were scribbling notes furiously as they realized the value of the material Turner provided. One of the important tips he gave was regarding acquiring new customers. “People want to do business with people who are giving them a free service,” Turner stated. Not only do people like free stuff, they want to see posts that focus more on entertainment or information than selling. So, before posting about the sale on a particular product, think about ways to share videos or funny pictures or stories from life first. For every sales post, there should be three or more other posts on a business Facebook page.

These notes are just scratching the surface of social media. Direct any specific questions to Jeremy Turner or just check out his website for more information here:

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