The Keizer Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee met Wednesday (July 18th). A summary of the meeting is below.

Dan Kohler, Candidate, Keizer City Council:

Dan is running for the council seat being vacated by Bruce Anderson. He has lived in Keizer since the early 1990’s and has been involved in many local organizations including serving as the player agent for Keizer Little League, he worked with Eagle Scouts, was a volunteer chaplain at Salem Hospital and currently volunteers with the Keizer Community Dinner.

As a small business owner himself, he understands many of the issues we face. He does not want to see Keizer turn into Salem or Portland. He does not see the role of the council to tell owners how to run their businesses.

Two of his top issues include school safety and transportation. He has met with many government officials about the school safety issue and will work toward additional full-time school resource officers as well as trained security guards.

On the city’s traffic issues, he does not have the solution to it yet but believes that working with all parts of the community it can be solved. We are not the only city that has to deal with traffic and we might be able to learn from others.

We also discussed the Keizer Civic Center and some of the regulations around it. Are there better ways to utilize it for the benefit of Keizer residents? Are there steps we can take to make it more accessible to volunteer organizations and community groups? Are current regulations around the Civic Center tripping things up? If he is elected, Dan has agreed to look at these issues.

Dan has worked with many sitting members of the City Council in other settings and believes he has good relationships with them and if elected will work well as part of the team.

In order to appear on the ballot he needs signatures from 120 Keizer voters. He submitted 160 for verification.

If you have any questions for Dan Kohler he can be reached at

At the end of the meeting it was moved and seconded the Board of Directors of the Keizer Chamber of Commerce endorse candidates, where appropriate, for local races, including Keizer City Council. The motion passed unanimously.

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