Keizer Network of Women – K.N.O.W.

The Keizer Network of Women is a group composed of professional women who are committed to increasing their business success by the means of networking amongst each other.


To build a source of business referrals, exposing your business to the community in which you reside.

To enjoy the camaraderie of other women in business, socially and professionally.

To maintain a format of organized time, information and business dedicated to help you, as a member, increase your business success.

To work together, enriching lives of the community and supporting our Keizer Chamber.

There are no said member dues. There may be an occasional fundraiser within the group to front money for incidental purchases. K.N.O.W. is a Keizer Chamber entity and is composed of Keizer Chamber Members. Non-Members may visit at least twice before joining the Keizer Chamber.

The K.N.O.W. hosts an annual women’s only auction each September: PERCEY! A fundraiser for the Keizer Giving Basket program, which is coordinated by the K.N.O.W. and gives much needed food items and small gifts and a needed item to children in Keizer. These children are identified by local school counselors from the 10 schools located in Keizer.

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Tami Levin

Tami Levin


Brooke Herbert

Brooke Herbert


2024 Annual Percey Auction Flyer - pink, dark pink, Teacup shabby chic table setting - "Royal Tea Party, Save the Date - May 2nd, 2024"

Percey Event

This year we’ll be at the Keizer Civic Center to honor our educators and school staff and raise money for our Holiday Giving Baskets! Click Here to Register today!

PERCEY is an annual, ladies-only auction planned and facilitated by the members of K.N.O.W. held in May of each year. An entertaining evening of gifts, games and auction items leads to the grand finale, live auction of designer hand bags – hence the event name “PERCEY”.  Three or more supremely stuffed designer handbags are auctioned off in a live format for all to bid on.

All proceeds from this annual event go directly back to the children of Keizer.  PERCEY is the sole fundraiser for the Holiday Giving Basket Program.

You do not have to be an active Keizer Chamber member to participate on the planning committee for the PERCEY event.  To learn more contact the Keizer Chamber of Commerce or stop in for a visit.

This annual ladies only auction boasts a great time for all who attend.  The PERCEY event was created by the Keizer Network of Women a handful of years ago as a way to build revenue to support the Keizer Chamber of Commerce’s annual Giving Basket Program to benefit disadvantaged families in our local community.

Click Here to Register today!

Keizer Chamber Giving Basket Program

The Keizer Chamber Giving Basket Program serves Keizer area children during the holiday season with needed items such as food and clothing, as well as a “want”, which can be anything from books, toys and games to art supplies.

The Giving Basket Program is facilitated by the Keizer Network of Women, K.N.O.W. a member benefit program of chamber membership. The Giving Basket program is funded through the annual PERCEY event, as well as hundreds of donations from the surrounding community.

Each winter 8-10 area businesses set up decorated Christmas trees and hang “gift tags” filled out with wishes of children from our community. Community members take the tags and fill the requests printed on them, return the gift and tag to the tree of which the tag was picked from; then Keizer’s “elves”, the ladies of K.N.O.W with support from the Keizer M.A.K spend a day or two collecting all gifts from within the community businesses and bring them to Santa Central, where the gift tags and supporting gift will be checked for accuracy and placed in a family box, which identifies the family and children in need. (All tags placed in the community are confidential, only listing the age and gender of each child – it is very important to the Keizer Chamber and its volunteers that we maintain the privacy of every child and family.)

In addition to the want/need items which are filled by community members, each family receives a healthy box of food supplies. The boxes are filled to the brim with non-perishable food items, a sack of potatoes, a sack of onions, a sack of apples, a bag of rice and a family size ham to enjoy during the holiday. All of these items are donated through area businesses as sponsors, as well as donations from the Keizer Community Food Bank, and food boxes individual Keizer households gather and deliver to Santa Central. (To learn about area business sponsors visit the K.N.O.W Facebook page, where sponsors are thanked each year as they engage the program.)

We have a schedule of days in which we lean out to our community and ask for help. We have a need each year for many hands to: hand write gift tags, wrap gifts, sort food, organize boxes, and the grand finale of the season – drive boxes of food and gifts to the families.

The second Saturday each December, dozens members of the community join the elves and make home deliveries to each family on our Santa List.

You can find the schedule of events on the Keizer Community Calendar.

Please contact us at the Keizer Chamber if you have any questions, or wish to get involved! We would love to have you.