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The Keizer Chamber has been Keizer’s only business association since 1959, founded as the Keizer Merchant Association and later in 1987 officially becoming the Keizer Chamber of Commerce. Our focus is on improving and enhancing the business climate in Keizer by:

  1. Promoting Keizer to the general public
  2. Protecting the rights of Keizer businesses
  3. Assisting Keizer businesses to improve their sales and profits

The Keizer Chamber of Commerce is a not for profit association of businesses in the Keizer area. Together with interested parties, the Keizer Chamber works to enhance and promote the vitality of the business climate in Keizer by facilitating good relationships with the city, local businesses and the general public. By protecting the rights of Keizer businesses and assisting them by improving their sales and profits through various avenues of networking, interaction, mentorship and promotion we believe we can build a healthy business climate in the Keizer area.


Keizer Chamber provides a variety of services to the community and businesses including the scheduling and coordination of a number of activities and events including:

In addition, we provide direct services to businesses that include advocating for and representing our members with government agencies; communications in the form of monthly and weekly newsletters, website management, regular monthly meetings as well as special electronic broadcasts; and group benefits such as coordinating of members’ services for special rates and discounts.


The Keizer Chamber of Commerce is supported by two full time staff and overseen by a Board of Directors, made up of 13 current and active members of the chamber.  The Board of Directors are voted in annually through votes of the current membership to serve a variety of terms based on their position.

Chamber Staff
Board of Directors