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Group of diverse workplace employees in team collaboration

Looking to make a real impact in Keizer?

Leadership Keizer is your answer.

This program, sponsored by Capital Auto Group and hosted by the Keizer Chamber of Commerce, isn’t just another leadership course. It’s a transformative journey that connects you directly with the heartbeat of Keizer.

So what does this mean for you?

It means unparalleled access to local leaders, a deep dive into the inner workings of government and non-profits, and hands-on opportunities to drive real change. Apply below by March 8th and be the change-maker Keizer needs.

Program Highlights

  • Application Deadline: March 8th
  • Program Duration: March to June

Program Schedule

  • March 19: Kickoff and Community History Day
  • April 16: Local Government and Natural Resource Day
  • May 21: Education and Community Resource (Non-profits) Day
  • June 18: Business, Commerce, and Community Project Day

Program Cost

  • Member: $600
  • Non-Member: $900 (Includes one year chamber membership)

Leadership Keizer aims to provide participants with exclusive insights into the workings of the city, foster connections with key figures, and empower them through hands-on learning experiences. This initiative not only enhances personal and professional growth but also contributes significantly to the betterment of the Keizer community.

I am super excited for Leadership Keizer! I think this is a program that will get community members engaged in our city. I believe it will empower people to get involved just a little bit more.

I have hope that the education and insight they will receive will go a long way in their personal and professional lives, develop long standing relationships, bonding memories and strengthen our community.

I think that any new member to our chamber or interested person is a good candidate! I have seen and spoke to so many people it would be hard for me to pick just one.

Leslie Risewick

AJ's Hideaway & KBZY


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